The Builders C.L.U.B is a social club of highly creative and financially active businessmen/women. We all come together to trade creative ideas in order to provide innovative approaches for our Brands and those we choose to help. We also create new or rebrand the identity of an existing one. We create/make products more innovative and cost effective.


We also scout people with Brands that have acquired potential.

nothing like seeing your product, or career gain momentum and actauly being on its way to becoming successful; 

our philosophies on business are;

It must have quality, It must be innovative, and most of all,

it has to provide RESULTS. 

A universal and major keyword in business. 

The C.L.U.B. Acronym stands for.


-Club of



Also known as "The Club Of Legendaries"

The name speaks volumes, and the goal is to learn and spread our knowledge and design philosophies, branding and Brand management; and other managerial aspects of business..


"We are innovative enough to understand that humanity deserves better and we apply what we already know to what we do.

Some small Brands are already amazing and the people behind them are extremely creative as well, border line visionaries. Everything starts with vision. 

they just have the wrong individuals around who kill the ideas before they encourage them, or just lack the proper managerial representation: 

and we can provide that and much more. Show us your genius and we'll show you Legendary " 

-Germany Bonell

Founder & Chief Legendary Builder